Saint Hugh's National Primary School

Ballinaglera, Dowra, Co. Leitrim

Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class


Saving the World             Rigbie’s Crazy Adventure                 My Crazy Journey            JASEK AND TRAVYS JOURNEY

Gavin and his evil brother, Travys              Alaron’s Wild Adventure                   Wishing Rock              Validor Returns      The Pit of Tartarus

The Land of Dragons           The King’s Trip             The King and Queen            The Key Journey        The Goblin’s Castle

Crystal Cove                          The Epic Adventure


The Unknown Planet        The Super Food Machine             The Person Pip            The Face of Death       The egg

The Cloning Machine         Save the Lusitania                         The Alien City              Liro                                 I need to speak to the President

Black Danger                         Best Left Buried                            Aliens                             Alien Landing in Dowra

Alien Invasion                       Alien Army 6                                 Alien Apocalypse





Launching 11/11/2015